Jun 2, 2011

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UFC Undisputed 3 Announced

UFC Undisputed 3 Announced

THQ has just announced that they will be releasing another UFC Undisputed game next January.  They’ve dropped the year numbers and have elected to just title it UFC Undisputed 3. Aside from the minor name change though there are quite a few improvements slated for the upcoming release.

Most likely taking a page out of EA Sports MMA, THQ is now allowing fights to take place with the now defunct Pride FC rules.  The new “Pride Rules” will allow for soccer kicks, stomps, and knees to the head of a downed opponent.  To add to the authenticity, the Pride commentating team of Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros will be calling the action.

The games roster has increased dramatically now including the featherweight and bantamweight divisions.  Popular lighter weight fighters like Jose Aldo and Urijah Faber will make their debut in the over 150 man roster.

Tweaks have been made to the gameplay including the addition of more simplified control options.  You can opt for the original  controls if you prefer but it encourages newer fans to get into the octagon for their first time without fear of being demolished.  Also, they’ve implemented a new submission system and added some punishing new moves encouraging players to “finish the fight.”

There have been minor improvements included such as fighter entrances, improved facial animations, and more gritty, high contrasted appearances.  New camera positions help the games presentation feel more authentic to the UFC experience as well.  Along with an improved online experience and features, the year taken off seems to have definitely worked in THQ’s favor.  Will the game deliver though?  We’ll find out when it releases in January 2012.

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