Jun 2, 2011

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Rumor: Mass Effect 3 Kinect Compatible?

Rumor: Mass Effect 3 Kinect Compatible?

Mass Effect 2 launched well over a year ago, and since that time gamers have been clamoring for the sequel.  Mass Effect 3 has already been delayed until next year, and rumors are floating around that it may have something to do with added compatibility for the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor.

The image below was posted on the EA website temporarily, but was quickly removed.  Thankfully, the neoGAF discovered the image with the words “better with kinect” adorning the top of the box in the trademark Kinect purple.

It’s kind of hard to imagine how they will implement the motion controls into the core game but many are speculating that Bioware will most likely use it for some type of minigame.  It doesn’t seem too farfetched to control the mining mini-game using Kinect, but most likely there will be more details revealed at the upcoming E3.

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