Jun 2, 2011

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EU PS+ Members Getting Extra 10 Days of Service for Free

EU PS+ Members Getting Extra 10 Days of Service for Free

The PlayStation Store is back up at least for NA and EU, and if you live in the EU regions and have PS+ you’ll be getting an extra 10 days added to your service free of charge due to the delay in getting the store up and running. According to the James Thorpe PSN Product Manager, it has been confirmed that PS+ members will get an extra 70 days (instead of 60) of PS+ service added to their account due to the delay. Below you’ll find the message:

“It has just been confirmed that, due to the Store coming back a little later than we hoped, the extra days added to Plus memberships is being extended by another 10 days so you are getting a total of 70 days extra for free. This will show up automatically on your account in the next few days.”

There’s no word on whether or not we in the states will be getting get an extra 10 days of PS+ service added but I’m sure we will find out soon. It’s great that the EU customers are getting the extra days for free so it would be nice to see it in the states, but I personally don’t think we will see it here. They tend to do things a little different with the EU service.

[Source: EU PlayStation Blog]