Jun 1, 2011

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Xbox Live Marketplace Update: June 1, 2011

Xbox Live Marketplace Update: June 1, 2011

We’ve got an extremely light update this week with nothing too notable (most likely due to the upcoming E3).  Select Rock Band 2 content is on sale though and the annual Summer Of Arcade is just around the corner so hopefully Microsoft is preparing something big.

Deal Of The Week (Gold Members)

May 31 – June 6
(Deals reflect savings after discount)

  • Rock Band: Ozzy Osbourne Pack 01 (560 pts) – This pack includes “Crazy Babies,” “Diggin’ Me Down,” “I Don’t Wanna Stop,” “Let Me Hear You Scream,” “No More Tears” and “Soul Sucker.”
  • Rock Band: Avenged Sevenfold Pack 01 (320 pts) – This pack includes “Nightmare,” “Scream,” and “Seize The Day” by Avenged Sevenfold.
  • Rock Band: All That Remains Pack 01 (320 pts) – This pack includes “Chiron,” “This Calling,” and “Two Weeks” by All That Remains.
  • Rock Band: Dr. Feelgood Album (880 pts) – Mötley Crüe’s album features “Dr. Feelgood,” “Slice of Your Pie,” “Rattlesnake Shake,” “Kickstart My Heart,” “Without You,” “Same Ol’ Situation,” “Sticky Sweet,” “She Goes Down,” “Don’t Go Away Mad” and “Time For Change.”
  • Rock Band: Screaming for Vengeance Album ( 800 pts) – This album includes “Bloodstone,” “Devil’s Child,” “Fever,” “The Hellion/Electric Eye,” “Pain And Pleasure,” “Riding on the Wind,” “Screaming For Vengeance,” “(Take These) Chains,” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’” by Judas Priest.

*There is no new XBLA title this week*

Games On Demand

  • Fighters Uncaged *Kinect Only – $49.99 – Join in illegal free fighting tournaments as you battle your way to the top.  Attempt to flail at your opponents with spotty detection in this mess of a game.
  • The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout - $49.99 – Bring a healthy style of living into the family living room like never before.  Play together, motivate eachother through exercise, and compare stats with this Kinect title.
  • Overlord II – $24.99 – The sequel to the cult hit, see the return of the Minions and their new Dark Master.  Smash a new empire, revive a massive Netherworld, mobilize minions, woo mistresses, and murder countless amounts of creatures.
  • Motionsports: Play For Real *Kinect Only – $49.99 – 6 sports headline this title being Football, Skiing, Soccer, Hang Gliding, Horseback Riding (?) and Boxing.  Over 40 sports challenges await as you climb from local hero to a global sports phenomenon.

[Source: Major Nelson]