Jun 1, 2011

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Pokédex 3D Coming to 3DS eShop

Pokédex 3D Coming to 3DS eShop

Now that the National Pokédex numbers in the 600s, it can be a pain to keep track of ‘em all.  While several smartphone apps exist (I highly recommend this one if you have an iOS device: iPokedex), this will be the first time Nintendo will offer a digital Pokédex.  It will also be in 3D, which is another first.

Right now it looks like the 3D Pokédex will be limited to the Unova region (i.e., Black and White only), but it won’t be a mere reference guide.  Instead, like some of the other built-in 3DS applications, this one will be a (free) game of sorts, starting you off with 16 Pokémon; the rest you must get by scanning QR codes, from spotpass, or trading with friends.  Each Pokémon will be viewable in 360-degrees rotational 3D, with stats and other info.  Additionally, you will be able to filter and bookmark the Pokédex, as well as display your Pokémon in pictures taken using the 3D camera.

Sounds like a cute little diversion, especially for the price, although it seems to me like something Nintendo should have packed in from the beginning (it certainly would have encouraged people to buy more copies of Black and White).  Hopefully Nintendo will expand this concept to cover the entire National Pokédex.

It’s not clear if this app will be available when the 3DS eShop launches next week, or if it will be available at a later date.


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