Jun 1, 2011

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Curse of Slate Rock Manor Gold Released

Curse of Slate Rock Manor Gold Released

Red Panda Games is proud to announce the release of their latest title, Curse of Slate Rock Manor, today. The game is a new visual novel otome/ bishounen title with over 3 dozen endings.

With over a hundred scenes to explore and a fully-voiced script, Curse of Slate Rock Manor is a original English language visual novel (OELVN) that focuses on adventure and mystery. The game follows two friends as they investigate the haunted manor after another friend of theirs disappears. In order to crack the case of the missing friend, players must complete dozens of unique endings. Only then will they be able to solve the mystery once and for all.

Curse of Slate Rock Manor does offer a free walkthrough and strategy guide to help players in unlocking each ending. Feel free to check out our review of Curse of Slate Rock Manor. For those who are on the fence about whether this is a game for them, you can download the demo on their official site, Curse of Slate Rock Manor Visual Novel Game.

[Source: Red Panda Games]