May 31, 2011

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New Catherine Screenshots

New Catherine Screenshots

As the month of June starts tomorrow and avid gamers start counting down the days to the release of Catherine, Atlus has decided to share with us some interesting screenshots from the nightmares of Vincent. Prior to today, we’ve seen screenshots showcasing Vincent and the two women that seem to be the cause of his nightmarish dreams.

Perhaps it’s the “horrors” of relationships and commitment that bleed into the protagonist’s sleep and twist what should be a restful night into a stage of life-threatening terror. We do know that in these nightmares, Vincent has to scramble up a tower of blocks. With levels below him crumbling away as the time passes, one false move or momentary pause in his journey upwards can spell certain death. Vincent is not alone in these nightmares. There are NPC sheep that can help Vincent out with tips, tricks, and information about the hellish towers. Provided Vincent takes the time to help the sheep survive on his journey. Not all just offer words of wisdom. Vincent can even find a merchant sheep that sells items to aid him in the nightmares. Saving the sheep isn’t just good for Vincent’s health, there will be rewards for those who lend a hand to the sheep who appear to be much more than ordinary farm animals. It’s hinted that the sheep are other men in the real world.

Catherine is slated for a release on the 26th of July. At participating retailers, gamers can pre-order the “Love is Over” Deluxe Edition or the standard one for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Both will come with a soundtrack CD and artbook. If still interested, make sure to visit the official site:

[Source: Atlus]