May 30, 2011

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First In-Game Screenshots for PES 2012 Released

First In-Game Screenshots for PES 2012 Released

Konami Digital Entertainment released the first in-game screen shots for the upcoming soccer title PES 2012. These screens show off the new movement and animations and also display the visual enhancements.

PES 2012 looks to offer players total control with refined dribbling, new passing mechanics and improved AI to ensure that your teammates make the smart runs to support you.

“The Tokyo-based team has worked hard to ensure PES 2012 is a more fluid and playable experience, with the jostling system used in last year’s game now enhanced to offer proper bodily contact and physical reactions, while close control and the team AI has been reworked to provide a more realistic recreation of real football.”

You can check out the new screens below. In my opinion the screens aren’t helping PES all that much since some of the players look kind of like Zombies. However it should be noted that PES 2011 boasted some great player likenesses and these screens don’t really do the upcoming game any justice, as long as their graphics remain close to what they were last year. But it’s not all about graphics, PES has been slowly improving over the last few years and with some of these improvements it might actually make a run at FIFA this year.

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