May 25, 2011

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Ms. Splosion Man Releasing Free Beta

Ms. Splosion Man Releasing Free Beta

Twisted Pixel, the creative minds behind The Maw and Comic Jumper, are releasing a free beta to test out their new game Ms. Splosion Man. Twisted Pixel wants to get as much feedback from their fans as they can, so they’re allowing 10,000 people to get early access to their game next month.

In 2009, Twisted Pixel released their second title, Splosion Man. He was created by the corporation Big Science and was made up of “explosive material.”  Unfortunately, they couldn’t contain him, and he ran rampant through their laboratories.  Your objective as our hero Splosion Man was to ‘Splode through 50 levels, making your way through puzzles and 3 different bosses in your attempt to escape from the scientists.  Unfortunately, they eventually caught you, but as they were celebrating, they fused some of your cells with a ribbon, creating Ms. Splosion Man.

If you’re interested in the beta, you have to (obviously) own an Xbox 360, be a gold member, have time to provide feedback and play with strangers, and fill out this survey.  The registration opened up yesterday and will be continuing either until they fill their quota, or until June 12.  For those selected, the beta will run from June 6 to June 26, with players receiving two multiplayer levels per week.

Ms. Splosion Man has no specific release date yet, but is slated for the third quarter of this year.  Don’t be surprised if it’s part of Xbox Live’s Summer Of Arcade.

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