May 25, 2011

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GameFly Acquisition of Direct2Drive is Official

GameFly Acquisition of Direct2Drive is Official

Last week’s rumor of game rental service GameFly acquiring Direct2Drive was proven to be true today. In a press release, GameFly announced the acquisition of Direct2Drive from IGN which will give an addition of over 3,000 PC and Mac games to the already extensive library of console titles available on GameFly. Terms of the deal were not disclosed at this time but we do know that IGN will gain a minority equity stake in GameFly. However, IGN will have no direct part in regards to the operations or governance of the rental service.

Another thing not disclosed in the press release is any plans of including PC/Mac game rentals on GameFly. David Hodess, CEO of GameFly, did have a few comments for Joystiq when asked about the option of renting such titles.

“We know that consumers are interested in PC/Mac rentals and intend to investigate this opportunity thoroughly.”

Direct2Drive’s promotions such as IGN membership discounts and the refer-a-friend program will still continue after the acquisition takes full effect. Given how well GameFly does with console rentals, many should look forward to having that same ability to rent PC/Mac titles in the future.

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