May 24, 2011

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2K Sports Not Bringing Back NHL 2K for 2011

2K Sports Not Bringing Back NHL 2K for 2011

The Sports genre is getting thinner and thinner every year and sports fans are again going to be left with only one NHL option this year. Today Take-Two chief operating officer Karl Slatoff confirmed that 2K Sports will not be releasing an NHL 2K game for any platform. Last year 2K dropped the PS3 and 360 versions while releasing NHL 2K11 for the Wii and handheld devises. So for the second year in a row NHL gamers are left with one choice, EA’s NHL.

While some might say that was the only choice to begin with seeing as how EA’s NHL title was consistently reviewed higher than 2K’s offering, it’s still tough to see another sports title being canceled. We won’t be seeing EA’s NBA title this year and of course with Madden’s license we only get one football game. So out of the “big sports” only Soccer and Baseball have competition, all other sports will now only have one game to choose from, and that’s a travesty. Hopefully NHL 2K will make an appearance next year.

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