May 23, 2011

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Witcher 2 Requires NTFS-Formatted HDD

Witcher 2 Requires NTFS-Formatted HDD

The Witcher 2 launched for PC last week, and although CD Projekt had revealed the specs needed to run the game, they failed to mention one important element: the game requires you to have an NFS-formatted hard drive on which you can install the game, since some of the game files are very large, much larger than the 4GB limit FAT32 drives face.

While most modern drives use this formatting system now, some older machines (or those using hard drives they want to be compatible with older operating systems and devices) may still be using the FAT32 system, a formatting system for hard drives Windows has basically completely abandoned for recent OSes, including Windows 7, in favor of exFAT (aka FAT64) and NTFS.

It’s disappointing this information was not noted along with the game specs, as some users found out the hard way when they were unable to install the game on their computers.  Of course, you could reformat to the newer NTFS system, but of course, this isn’t possible for everyone.  Hopefully, anyone affected by this will at the very least be able to return the game and/or get their money back.

Personally, I happen to have an NTFS drive, but I find this story interesting because it is the second time this past weekend that I had to think about drive formatting, something I hadn’t thought about much in years. I decided to back-up my PS3′s HDD, only to discover the PS3 won’t accept anything other than FAT32, which took an outside program to format, since, as I mentioned before, Windows has pretty much abandoned FAT32.

Anyone have issues installing The Witcher 2?

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