May 23, 2011

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L.A. Noire Becomes Fastest Selling New IP In The UK

L.A. Noire Becomes Fastest Selling New IP In The UK

Rockstar has produced yet another great title in L.A. Noire.  If you have yet to play it, I suggest you pick it up and be sure to read Juan’s review here.  Regardless whether you’re playing it or not, the fact of the matter is that it’s a hit and it’s numbers don’t lie.  L.A. Noire sold over 550,000 copies in North America alone on day one and has already pushed 1.6m worldwide in one week.  It’s become the 2nd biggest release in 2011 (behind Pokemon B/W) and according to VGChartz, as of Sunday sold over 900,000 copies in North America!

The games success is actually even more impressive in the U.K. with it being the fastest selling new IP in that region ever.  It’s also debuted as the 13th fastest-selling Xbox 360 game and the 11th fastest-selling PS3 game in the UK as well.  Given the success the game already has achieved, talks of a sequel are already in the works and hopefully we won’t have to wait nearly as long this time.

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