May 19, 2011

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15 Must-Play PSN Games For PS3

15 Must-Play PSN Games For PS3

With PSN finally back up and gamers able to sync trophies, check out their friend list, and play online, not to mention watch HULU, VUDU, and Netflix again, gamers are basically waiting for one major feature to still be reinstated: the PlayStation Store.  Sony has suggested the store will be back up by the end of the month, which gives us all plenty of time to decide what games we may still need to add to our virtual game libraries.  To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of fifteen must-play PSN titles for the PS3 (check back later for our PSP version).

This list was actually really hard to make, because once you start thinking about it, PSN actually has a long list of great titles worth owning.  However, I had to limit it, so this list is obviously not all inclusive.  What I tried to do is only include “pure” PSN titles: this means I didn’t include PSOne, Japanese Imports, or retail games (e.g., inFamous), nor did I include DLC.  Although I originally considered limiting this list to PSN exclusives, I decided to simply include the titles I felt were must-play, regardless of whether they are available on other platforms. You’ll also notice that I didn’t limit this list to only the newest titles.  While you will see some games from weeks ago, you will also see some from several years’ back.  Quality is quality, regardless of age, and hopefully this list may enable later PS3 adopters the chance to find some older PSN gems you may otherwise have missed.

The list is organized by metacritic score, from highest to lowest; the order doesn’t mean one game is “better” than another, except that it may have a higher average review score.  I also did my best to include up to three related titles for each pick, so there should hopefully be plenty on here to choose from.  I hope you enjoy the list, and feel free to post in the comments any games that maybe didn’t make the cut that you think deserve a shout out!

Onto the list…

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