May 18, 2011

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MS Replacing 360s That Don’t Support New Disc Firmware

MS Replacing 360s That Don’t Support New Disc Firmware

Recently, Microsoft released a firmware update for its 360 consoles that adjusts the way the system reads discs, enabling up to 1GB more of useable data per disc, making 360 games more competitive with PS3 BluRays.  However, a downside of this update is that some older 360 consoles don’t seem to like change, and have been giving their users error messages when trying to play retail game discs.

The errors include “disc unreadable” or “disc unsupported” messages, which has frustrated many gamers.  The good news is that Microsoft is responding to the problem by offering to replace anyone’s 360 that has this issue with a brand-new slim 250GB model, plus a year of free XBL Gold membership as compensation for the inconvenience.

Microsoft has no way of knowing who is affected by this problem, so they’re urging customers to contact them for a replacement console.

What would really be ironic about this is if you switched to your 360 for gaming when PSN was down, only to be locked out by the firmware.  Still, it’s nice to see Microsoft is not only quickly acknowledging the problem, but also offering its customers a great deal in the process.

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