May 17, 2011

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New SHIFT 2 DLC Available

New SHIFT 2 DLC Available

Gamers busy playing SHIFT 2: UNLEASHED, the latest release in the Need For Speed series, will have the chance to play the “Speedhunters” downloadable-content today.  EA announced last week that DLC was on the way, and it is now available for 800 Microsoft Points, or $9.99 at the PlayStation Store when it returns.

Once downloaded, players will have access to a new career path, along with new game modes, cars and tracks.  The content is based on, “one of the top car culture sites in the world.”

The new Drag mode, players will battle for the fastest time over a quarter-mile track.  The new Standing Mile mode occurs over one mile and is all about speed.  The new cars included are “Chris Rado’s World Racing Pro-FWD Reaper Scion tC and Koz’s Dodge Viper GTS by Twins Turbo.” Also included are “12 specially tuned Speedhunters vehicles available to compete in all disciplines.”

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[Source: EA]