May 17, 2011

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Free App of the Day: Flying Hamster

Free App of the Day: Flying Hamster

I’ll be upfront: I would love to do this feature daily, but it’s hard to find games that are actually worth writing about.  What I mean is, lots of apps for iOS will be free, sometimes for a limited time, but not many are worth picking up even for that price.  Especially with the limited-time nature of these deals, it can also be tough to get the word out before the deal is gone.  However, I am going to do my best to post free apps as often as I can from now on, because I’m sure you all enjoy free (especially when you normally have to pay) as much as I do, right?

Today’s free app is Flying Hamster, which you can pick up for either iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch.  While we didn’t review the iOS version of the game, you can check out our review of the PlayStation Mini version to get an idea of what the game is about.  With a score of 8 for the mini version, it’s easy to decide on this one: if you have the time and the space, snatch this up before the price goes back up.

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Flying Hamster, iPhone/iPod Touch

Flying Hamster HD, iPad only

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