May 16, 2011

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Hulu Offers Credit for the PSN Outage

Hulu Offers Credit for the PSN Outage

Now that the PSN is back gamers are again able to access the apps they haven’t been able to during the outage. Hulu Plus was one of those apps and with the PSN officially back Hulu is offering a credit to those who had to suffer through the outage.

Even though gamers could access the service via their computers Hulu has generously offered a credit for the 24 days that the PSN was out. The credit amounts to about $6, which basically gives you a month of Hulu Plus for free. Emails are being sent to people who have Hulu Plus on the PS3 and all you have to do is click a link and you’ll have the credit automatically added to your account.

While I have yet to hear of any of the other services offering credits for the outage, it’s nice to see that Hulu is doing something to compensate people for not being able to watch Hulu on their TV’s.  Below is a screen shot of the email that is being sent out.