May 11, 2011

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Xbox Live Marketplace Update: May 11, 2011

Xbox Live Marketplace Update: May 11, 2011

This week members can save on some mob-based mayhem, a robot revolution, or a return trip back to Rapture.

Deal Of The Week (Gold Members)

May 10-16

  • Mafia II: Joe’s Adventure (400 MSP/ 50%) – Play as Joe in this new add-on content.  In this extension to the original story of Mafia II, Joe uncovers who had Vito sent to prison and what really went down with the Clemente family.  In addition to the expanded story, players can explore new locations and get new cars and clothing in dozens of city-based quests.
  • Mafia II: Jimmy’s Vendetta (400 MSP/ 50%) – Meet Jimmy, in this new downloadable pack.  A gun for hire, Jimmy helped clean up other people’s messes – until he was betrayed by the people who hired him.  Now it’s payback time.
  • Mafia II: Fedora *Avatar (80 MSP/ 50%) – Black and Red Fedora for your avatar to wear.
  • Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den (400 MSP/ 50%) – A brand-new, self-contained BioShock story, presenting a side of Rapture you’ve never seen before.  Expand your combat abilities with the experimental Ion Laser and chaotic Gravity Well Plasmid, unique to Minerva’s Den. Face off against the new Lancer Big Daddy, the most advanced protector that Rapture ever produced.  Explore every shadowy corner of Minerva’s Den, unraveling the mysterious past of The Thinker’s inventor, and the dark secrets hidden within the unfeeling, omniscient machine he created.
  • Bioshock 2: The Protector Trials (200 MSP/ 50%) – Unlike the above add-on, this pack is a series of trials tasking players with protecting their Little Sister as they gather ADAM.  Face off against wave after wave of splicers collecting load outs from Tenenbaum.
  • Bioshock 2: Bouncer Big Daddy Helmet *Avatar (80 MSP/ 50%) – Wear the helmet from one of the most iconic characters of the current generation.
  • Borderlands: Secret Armory (400 MSP/ 50%) – The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is an add-on pack for Borderlands that adds new guns, new Class Mods, new vehicles, new missions, new enemy types, and increases the level cap to 61.
  • Borderlands: New Revolution (400 MSP/ 50%) – To combat second hand sales of used munitions among greedy, haggling treasure hunters on Pandora, the Hyperion Corporation have decided to activate the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap.  Instead, it has organized all of the claptraps into a revolution, and they’ve been assimilating all life on Pandora and converting them into claptraps.  With our heroes caught in the middle, they must stop the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap in order to release his control over all of Pandora’s claptraps and collect their reward, of course.
  • Borderlands: Bandit Mask *Avatar (80 MSP/ 50%) – The bandit mask adorned by psychos across the Borderlands.

Xbox Live Arcade

Gatling Gears

Release Date: May 11, 2011
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Vanguard Games
ESRB Rating: E10+  (Everyone 10+)
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points

When the Empire begins its reign of destruction in a thirst for natural resources, it’s up to Max Brawley, a retired Gatling Gear pilot, to stop them.  Together with his niece and his trusty Gatling Gear unit he must fight his way to the heart of the Empire and eliminate the destruction at its source.  This twin-stick top down shooter is co-op locally or online.

Star Raiders

Release Date: May 11, 2011
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Incinerator Studios
ESRB Rating: E10+  (Everyone 10+)
Price: 800 Microsoft Points

This remake features a fresh new take on the seminal classic, letting you engage in epic dogfights and aerial assaults against the onslaught of the evil Zylons.  Utilize radical ship transformations and robot co-pilots in the heat of battle as you fight to save humanity.  Explore the galaxy as you utilize galactic warps and sector tactical maps that let you set your own path to liberation.

Games On Demand

  • Dirt 2 – $29.99 – This racer combines the excitement and aggression of offroad-racing with the flair of extreme sports.  Tour the world, racing against real-life off-road superstars in eight varied disciplines on tracks ranging from Malaysian jungle sprints to roaring stadium runs in L.A.
  • Velvet Assassin – $19.99 – Go deep behind enemy lines as special agent Violette Summers in battle-scarred Europe of World War II.  Inspired by the heroic actions of a real-life British MI6 agent, Velvet Assassin delivers a brutally truthful representation of the danger of operating in enemy territory.  Multiple missions – some based on real incidents – will test your nerve as you move undercover through authentic locations to carry out assassination, infiltration and sabotage.
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – $19.99 – Gamers are brought as close to war as they’ll ever want to get; recreating the brutal reality of the modern combat experience in stunning detail.  A single-player and multi-player campaign set on a vast open-world battlefield, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising challenges players to survive the chaos and rapidly evolving situations of contemporary warfare.
  • Vanquish - $39.99 – This over the top 3rd person shooter is an action packed ride from beginning to end.  Unafraid to be silly, this game throws out all sense to make room for some of the most frantic action you’ll find from last year.  Unique offensive and defensive moves, kinectic melee combat, and epic boss battles give gamers a reason to download this sci-fi shooter.

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