May 10, 2011

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New Alan Wake Confirmed for Fall 2011

New Alan Wake Confirmed for Fall 2011

After some rumors circulating earlier this week that a possible sequel for Alan Wake was in the works, early this morning Joystiq received an answer to squelch the fire: yes, more Alan Wake is on the way, but it won’t be DLC or “Alan Wake 2.While Remedy was sketchy on details, it is possible the new game may be a re-boot of the original, aimed at more platforms for those who did not have a chance to play the original XBox 360 version.

In their statement, Remedy remarked on how flattered they were by all the excitement the rumor of a sequel created, and added:

“Fans of the franchise will be excited to learn that yes, more Wake is coming! But to be absolutely certain to avoid confusion, this next Wake installment will not be Alan Wake 2. But neither will it be DLC. The rest we’re saving for our official announcement when we’ll actually SHOW YOU.”

They didn’t give any other information, but did suggest the game could be arriving as soon as this fall.  Most likely more details (including which platforms the game will release for) will be unveiled at E3.  Vivid Gamer will keep you up-to-date as more news comes in regarding this new title.

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