May 5, 2011

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EA Week on Steam – Day Four: Mass Effect Day

EA Week on Steam – Day Four: Mass Effect Day

Finally, after months of waiting, the $5 deal for the original Mass Effect returns to Steam, the only version of the game (on PC at least) that is free of SecuROM!  You can also snag the sequel for only $10 – and believe me, it’s well worth it if you haven’t yet played it.  Even if you don’t like shooters but enjoy Bioware’s RPGs, I suggest giving it a try. That’s right: Steam’s week-long EA sale continues with “Mass Effect Day.”

Mass Effect – $5 (save 75%)

Mass Effect 2 – $9.99 (save 50%)

Mass Effect 2 (Digital Deluxe) – $19.99 (save 50%)

Remember, these deals are only good until tomorrow (Friday, May 6) at 10AM PST.  So make sure you make your purchase(s) before then, to make sure you don’t miss the sale – you don’t want to have to wait another year like I did.

Not sure what will be left for tomorrow – maybe CrysisDead Space?  We’ve already seen discounts on Dragon Age, Need for Speed, and The Sims.  What titles would you like to see in the sale?

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