May 3, 2011

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Winter Wolves Releases “Otome” Life Simulation Game: Always Remember Me

Winter Wolves Releases “Otome” Life Simulation Game: Always Remember Me

Known for several award-winning dating sims and roleplaying titles, Winter Wolves has announced their latest entry into the “otome” life simulation genre: Always Remember Me.

The story follows a young, part-time waitress at an ice cream parlor named Amarantha Fitch as she has to juggle working to pay for her studies and getting her fiancee to remember her. As with most simulation games of this nature, you (as Amy) will not be limited to just one love interest. And every action you take will vary depending on multiple factors such as time of day and plot status, thus increasing replayability. The game features:

  • Original Soundtrack: composed by Matthew Myers and performed by Cristina Vee
  • Detailed life simulation: take control of Amy’s action, traveling in different locations to perform several tasks
  • Stat-based dating sim: money, culture, creativity, discipline, romance, energy and morale
  • High replayability: beside the normal ending, each character has a special ending that will require you to raise a specific skill at maximum, for a total of 9 unique endings!
  • Play in a living world: certain actions are possible only during specific times of the day, or days of the week
  • Mystery: who is the mysterious “Secret Admirer” that emails you in the game? Find out!
  • Beautiful manga artwork: including some special event CG and 8 different ending CGs with Gallery Screen
  • Relationship system: as seen in other Winter Wolves games, each character has a relationship value that affects gameplay and requires player to make the right dialog choices
  • Find the right strategy: explore the game world and learn what are the best tactics to raise specific skills

This PC/Mac/Linux title is available for download on Winter Wolves website for the price of $19.99. If you want to try before you buy, they also have the demo available on the site as well. Still not sure? Check out the gameplay video below:

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[Source: Winter Wolves]