May 3, 2011

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Portal 2 Caption Contest Winner

Portal 2 Caption Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered the Portal 2 caption contest, hope you had as much fun entering as we had reading the responses. There were some great captions posted but unfortunately we could only choose one winner. As a staff we picked our favorite quotes and out of those we randomly chose one winner and if you followed us on twitter or facebook you got an extra entry. The winner of the caption contest is….

CBas aka Sebastian

“And to think all of science’s greatest disputes could be solved over rock-paper-scissors”

Congrats to Sebastian, we will be contacting you soon to send you a copy of Portal 2 for PS3. Thanks again to all those who entered and below you will find the staff’s favorite captions from the entries.  Don’t forget to keep checking back with us for new contests opportunities including one next month that will give you the chance to win a potential Game of the Year title.

Staff Picks:

Jonathan S says:

Blue: Scissors cuts rock! I win!
Orange: Your programming appears faulty.
Blue: *shoots portal directly above and below Orange* The error is with you. You appear to be stuck in infinite loop logic.

Khunt says:

“Look, you’re Abbott, I’m Costello. That’s just how it works, okay?”

BH says:

“Are you sure this is how we make babies?

Bean says:

“Two? First off, it’s more orange than pink. And what does 1 in the stink even mean?”

iwx says:

“HA! Rock smashes scissors! You get to explain to Xbox 360 users that Valve hates them”

Paul K says:

P-body: Why do we still play this game? All you can do is scissors and all I can do is rock?

Atlas: I just have this hope that maybe one day GLADoS will give you and I an upgrade ^^

Firethrowing says:

ATLAS: “Don’t you think we’re a bit too sophisticated for rock, paper, scissors? Its like if someone remade Tron with ridiculous 3D computer generated graphics”

P-body: “You’re just mad I figured out your pseudo random number generator seed.”