May 2, 2011

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EA Week On Steam – Day One: Dragon Age Day

EA Week On Steam – Day One: Dragon Age Day

Steam is having a week-long EA-themed sale, with each day offering a different set of discounts.  Today’s deal is devoted to all things Dragon Age, with Steam dubbing Monday “Dragon Age Day.”  You can save up to 50% on Dragon Age titles, but only for today, so don’t wait if you’ve been wanting to give one of these games a whirl.

Dragon Age: Origins  – $14.99 (save 50%)
Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition  – $19.99 (save 50%)
Dragon Age: Origins Awakening – $14.99 (save 50%)
Dragon Age 2 – $44.99 (save 25%)

Personally, I would hold out for a better deal on DAII, unless you just can’t wait.  Personally, I’m hoping to see the original Mass Effect for that $5 price tag later in the week.  Here’s hoping.

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