Apr 27, 2011

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Peter Moore Chats with Fans About Madden NFL 12

Peter Moore Chats with Fans About Madden NFL 12

Yesterday Peter Moore participated in a live chat with fans on ESPN to answer some Madden NFL 12 questions. With the first announcement set to come on Thursday 4/28, Moore was tight lipped about particular gameplay features but he did answer some questions about the franchise and the upcoming game.

Of course not all of the questions were great but he did mention that this year’s Madden is the best looking title in the franchise’s history and the physics engine continues to see improvement. He also answered questions about the implications of the next cover athlete, the curse and even his opinion on the lockout. Here are some of the highlights from the chat:

Jack (Rochester NY)

how do you feel about the lockout? Do you think sales will go down?

Peter Moore

Football fans, and all of us here at EA are football fans, we are anxious for the season to start. We have announced that if there is no season that we expect Madden sales to go down. But that’s not to say that other sales of other games will go up.

Kevin (NYC)

How does EA feel about being left with Vick, who is one of the more polarizing figures in sports, and a talented, but not widely known role player in Cleveland for the final vote?

Peter Moore

Kevin, great question and I’ve been asked a thousand times. But we couldn’t be more delighted. We have Vick, the comeback player of the year. He gave Brady a run for the money at MVP. And for Hillis, we couldn’t be more delighted for Cleveland and they couldn’t be more happy to have one of their own fighting for the cover. We’ve been fascinated to see the fan reaction. We’ll be very comfortable with whatever decision they make. You’ll be hearing about it tomorrow.

Nick (MN)

Hey Peter do you believe in the Madden Curse?

Peter Moore

Well, fortunately, I don’t have to, because I’m not a professional football player. It’s interesting to look back at the athletes who have been on the cover and what’s happened to them. I don’t think we believe in it, but you can see that there have been some difficult seasons following being on the cover.

Jeremy (Chicago, IL )

Besides the concussions, what is something that will be new or different in Madden 12?

Peter Moore

The team is starting, as they typically do, phase their announcements about Madden. I can tell you that it’s by far the best looking Madden we’ve ever done. We’re doing a lot of work on the physics of the game. I will leave it to my team because they don’t like me pre-empting their announcements. You’ll hear more about it this week on Thursday when more information is released on the game.

Ben (Bowling Green)

considering the Browns lack of success, it amazes me the chance Hillis has to be on the cover, I think it’s great for the team, I know this is a fan vote, but do you think it will hurt game sales?

Peter Moore

Not at all. I think the reason Peyton is in the final is that fans love the underdog. Our research has told us that whoever is on the cover does not hurt sales.

Dion (Cleveland Ohio )

How do you feel about critics who feel like their are only minor upgrades every year to the franchise?

Peter Moore

Prime Time, good to hear from you. People who say that typically are people who don’t play the game year in, year out.

Moore didn’t answer too many gameplay questions but he did answer the question that everyone has been talking about, which is in regards to the cover athlete situation. Honestly I agree with Moore when he says either athlete won’t harm sales, although not having Vick as the cover athlete will save EA a ton of headaches that they will get from animal rights activists. I also found it funny how he answered the Madden curse question, “Well, fortunately, I don’t have to, because I’m not a professional football player” which is probably the closest I’ve heard anyone from EA say that they believe in the curse.

The cover athlete is set to be announced later today and as Moore said we’ll hear a lot more about Madden NFL 12 tomorrow.

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