Apr 21, 2011

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SOCOM 4 Sharp Shooter Impressions

SOCOM 4 Sharp Shooter Impressions

SOCOM 4 released this week, and I got my hands on the Full Deployment Edition to finally get a chance to play the game using the Sharp Shooter peripheral. So how well does the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter controller work with SOCOM 4? Read on to find out and we’ve got two gameplay videos for you showing off the Sharp Shooter in the first 2 missions in SOCOM 4 so you can judge for yourself.

My first impression using the Sharp Shooter wasn’t that great. After going through a quick calibration screen before the game loads, I found myself constantly having to adjust the settings. The default settings forced me to put too much effort into turning and looking up or down. After much tweaking I was able to cut down the turn and pitch radius to make my movements much smoother. I definitely felt like I had more control and I was able to react faster.

Gameplay Video: Mission 1

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It did take me awhile to get used to using the Navigation controller to move and using the gun to aim at the same time but after about an hour I finally got accustomed to it. You do have to use quite a few buttons to do things like switch weapons, crouch, aim and get in cover; and for the most part they are easy to access.  The button to switch weapons is right above the trigger and right next to that is the switch to toggle fire rate which is pretty cool. Below the trigger is the grenade button, and on the navigation controller L1 allows you to aim down the sights. The X button is right there as well, so you can easily hit crouch. Reloading is pretty simple as all you have to do is pull back on the front of the gun as if you were pumping a shotgun.

The one button that is hard to use is Circle, which is the one used to hide behind cover, so you kind of need it a lot. I couldn’t get used to hitting that button for cover at all and often times I would have to run to the wall I wanted to hide behind and then stop to hit the cover button. Another button that is annoying to use is the one right underneath the gun: RL, which can be used to reload at a weapon supply box or to revive teammates.

For the most part the button placement works out well except for a few buttons, which wouldn’t be an issue if you could change the control scheme, expect you can’t. As far as I can tell there isn’t a way to change the button configuration. Doesn’t make much sense not to offer different button configurations, seeing as not everyone holds the Sharp Shooter the same way.

Gameplay Video: Mission 2

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That said, using the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter with SOCOM 4 is actually quite fun. It’s handy when having to give your teammates orders and after a lot of tweaking does add something extra to the shooter experience. Using a real trigger and being able to quickly switch from single shot to burst is very cool, but I’m not so sure that SOCOM 4 is the right game to promote the Sharp Shooter. After playing the first few missions, you are tasked with an all stealth mission which fits perfectly with the SOCOM titles. The problem here is the Sharp Shooter isn’t that great for stealth missions: you are much better off using the normal controller.

Although I only played a few levels with the Sharp Shooter, I would say that I really enjoyed using the motion controller during the more action-heavy portions of the game, although I’m not so sure how well I will like it if I kept having to use it for stealth missions. That’s my opinion, but for those of you that have the Move, what do you think about using it for SOCOM 4?