Apr 20, 2011

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Updated Disgaea 4 Preorder Reminder Now Available, Dood

Updated Disgaea 4 Preorder Reminder Now Available, Dood

Yesterday, NIS America sent out their latest issue of Prinny Bomb. For those who are not signed up to receive this email and are curious about how much the prices of Disgaea 4: An Unforgotten Promise will be, we’ll be glad to share. NISA has offered an updated preorder reminder system due to the massive amount of requests for reminders of the start date for preordering this title. Instead of just submitting your email address for all three versions (yes, they have added a new version), you now can pick which one you are more interested in preordering. Another reason, it seems, is that NISA is hoping to know how many of the Disgaea 4 figurine sets will be needed to prevent a shortage.

For those just wanted the game and not the Fuka figurine, NISA is releasing the Standard Edition. This will just include the game and free bonus OST for $49.99. The Premium Edition, which includes the same as the Standard plus the Fuka figurine and artbook, is set at the price of $59.99. And for those with a slightly bigger wallet, the Super Premium Edition includes the set of nine Disgaea 4 figurines that are valued at $72 along with the bonus items from the Premium Edition. Price for this edition? Only $119.99 and you can be the envy of all Disgaea fans.

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