Apr 19, 2011

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Is Sony Discontinuing the PSP go?

Is Sony Discontinuing the PSP go?

The PSP go is one of those jokes in the gaming industry.  Perhaps not necessarily a bad idea, but poorly implemented, and never successful.  After several price drops (both temporary and permanent) it looks as if Sony may finally be calling it quits, according to various sources, including Andriasang.

A Japanese blog, supposedly by a Sony employee, has revealed that Sony is stopping production of the device.  The Japanese Sony store also has removed the PSP go from its page; it is only accessible through a direct link, although even that page states the item is out of stock, and there’s no way to order.

Eurogamer has reported that Sony has neither confirmed nor denied this news, saying only that they would continue to meet demand for this generation of PSPs.  Of course, if demand is zero, zero production meets that demand, right?  It’s possible Sony has realized the PSP go was a failure, and plans to focus on the upcoming NGP.

[Source: Andriasang]