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Apr 15, 2011

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New Alice: Madness Returns Screenshots and Box Art

The sequel to American McGee’s Alice, Electronic Arts and Spicy Horse Alice: Madness Returns brings us back into the warped, twisted world of Wonderland. Set eleven years after the first (which coincidentally is the length of time between the release of both titles), the multi-platform action-adventure horror platform follows Alice as she escapes to Wonderland in hopes to save herself and the inhabitants from the evil taking over and uncover the truth behind her family’s deaths.

Recently, Electronic Arts uploaded a few screenshots of the macabre title and also the box art for each of the platforms it is being released on.  Alice: Madness Returns is slated for a release date of June 14, 2011 for North America and June 16, 2011 for Europe. If you’re wanting to see more, check out the official website.

[Source: Electronic Arts]

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