Apr 15, 2011

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Demo Impressions El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

Demo Impressions El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

With El Shaddai set to release 2 weeks from now in Japan, Ignition has released a demo which covers some of the game’s 3rd chapter. This is most likely due to plot reasons or that it is more gameplay heavy. With that being said, how does the demo fair?

When I first saw El Shaddai, I instantly thought of Malicious. Let me start by saying they look similar, but play completely different. The demo features two weapons; the first is a close range blade and the other is a long-range projectile weapon. The blade is quite standard for hack and slash titles with all the bells and whistles (i.e. charged attack, easily streamed combos, solid aerial attacks and more.) The projectile weapon is far more interesting! There appears to be a slight auto aim; so there is no need for a lock on.

Combat on the other hand was quite tough; however it could just be the fact that the demo has you starting on chapter 3. Most of the enemies you fight seem to take a lot of damage. This makes blocking and playing smart a MUST! This can be rather hard in a flat encapsulated room while fighting two enemies at once. It looks like combat will boil down to understanding the defense system and making the most of your combos.

Moving past the combat; the game is simply stunning. The demo was very fluid and had several interesting features. This includes alternate color schemes, running on waves, not to mention a few other surprises. I experienced no lag and the graphics really work for El Shaddai. The only aspect that might trip up players is telling land for gaps. Thankfully, there appears to be no penalty to falling.

Sadly, the demo stops just short of a boss battle, but offers a very good look into El Shaddai. Even if you buy this simply for the graphics, you will be impressed. Ideally, in the final release enemies will be a bit weaker and take less damage, but I am sure that gets better over time. I was also very pleased with the good balance of platforming and combat. From the looks of it, El Shaddai will impress and turn several heads.

El Shaddai is set to release on April 28th in Japan and Q3 in the US.

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