Apr 14, 2011

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Wii Successor to be Revealed at E3, Perhaps Sooner

Wii Successor to be Revealed at E3, Perhaps Sooner

According to Game Informer, sources have confirmed to them the existence and the forthcoming announcement of Nintendo’s successor to the massively successful Wii. The new system, untitled as of now seeing as it hasn’t been exactly confirmed, will be launching in late 2012 with a reveal planned for this summer at E3 or perhaps sooner. This new hardware is also said to have graphic capabilities at a level comparable to or greater than current-gen consoles.

Many Wii owners have been voicing their concerns recently over the lack of any must-have titles on the horizon for their systems, despite the logical response being that Nintendo is saving their big announcements for E3. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is as of right now the biggest title hitting the Wii, in terms of mass-appeal. Now, with a new hardware announcement coming at E3, Nintendo fans should have nothing to worry about in terms of software due to the potential slew of publishers announcing games for the 2012 destined system. And then, of course, you have the Nintendo 3DS which is also getting a lot of support.

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