Apr 14, 2011

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One Single Life Released Today on Apple’s App Store

One Single Life Released Today on Apple’s App Store

Considered a rather controversial title, FreshTone Games’ One Single Life has been approved by Apple and was released today. For the unaware gamer, this title is a first of its kind in the retail gaming world. The game is designed to give players that excitement of where every move could be your last. Anthony O’Dempsey, Director of FreshTone Games, states:

“The concept grew from a burning desire to capture the raw emotions we experience in real life but yet rarely see in computer games; anxiety, exhilaration, and genuine tension. I wanted to make a game that forces me to answer that most honest of questions; Do I have what it takes when it matters most?”

Only ten levels long,  One Single Life seems to pack as much bang as those titles with fifty times its budget. The game has players take on the life of a seemingly normal man donned in a suit and tie named Average Joe as he strives to be anything but ordinary. Players have Joe leap from the tops of one skyscraper to another, which have the distance between them increase as the players progress.

This title is but the first in a series from FreshTone Games. A sequel to One Single Life has already been announced and is in development under the working title of One Single Life: Tournament Edition. For those who want to play something that has you on your toes with the threat of ‘perma-death’, One Single Life is available on Apple’s App Store.

[Source: FreshTone Games]