Apr 13, 2011

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NISA to Give Disgaea 4 the Premium Treatment

NISA to Give Disgaea 4 the Premium Treatment

Yesterday, NISA sent out their latest issue of Prinny Bomb. The highlight of the newsletter just so happens to give Disgaea fans even more reason to pre-order the September release of Disgaea 4: An Unforgotten Promise. Not only will you have the promise of wasting countless hours of your life with this title but NISA’s adding a few special bonuses to sweeten the deal. It should be noted that you can only get these special editions via the NIS America store.

In the Premium Edition, you will receive the video game in an over-sized Premium Box (similar to the latest titles from NISA), artbook, bonus OST, and the thing most will be after: Fuka figurine. In the Super Premium set, you get all of the previously mentioned goodies along with 9 exclusive Disgaea 4 figurines.

I’m not sure about anyone else but if you were on the fence about buying Disgaea 4 or even debating on whether to pre-order or which store to purchase this title from, the contents of these Premium sets and the free shipping should weigh heavily in your decision. For me, I know that this will be a day one pre-order. Now to patiently wait for July to get here so I can place that order.

[Source: NISA]