Apr 8, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Trophy Guide: Sonic the Hedgehog 2


Everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog is back, with 12 new trophies to collect. With the first game behind us, Sonic 2 has harder tasks and requires new skills to conquer. With the help of this guide, it should make the game a lot easier, and you should have 12 shiny new trophies before you know it.


General Tips

Sonic 2 is by far the hardest Sonic title. There are several levels to complete, and many have harsh enemy placements. The best way to get the full 100% would be to collect the Chaos Emeralds and beat the game. Upon finishing the game, start up a speed run. Since you should remember the maps, just keep rushing. I was only over by 13 minutes; most of this due to Special Stages. There is a lot of leeway, but if you are worried, save often and win fast.



Emerald Hill

Clear Emerald Hill Zone 1.

Simply beat the first area; it is very easy, and should give you no trouble at all.


Fast Emerald

Beat Emerald Hill Zone 1 in under 35 seconds in single-player or co-op mode.

This trophy is a little more complex; you can only do it on the “Emerald Hill Zone 1,” and it is basically a straight run to the end. There is a lot of leeway, though, as I got hit/stopped a few times. If you are having trouble, find the path that works for you; every path has a good and bad aspect.


Fast Chemical

Beat Chemical Plant Zone 1 in under 45 seconds.

This trophy is a lot harder than Fast Emerald. You must do this on “Chemical Plant Zone 1” and offers almost no leeway. The only path that offers you a chance is straight forward. Remember, you move faster in ball mode.  You’re also more likely to get this trophy if you memorize the level.

  • Road Map:
    • Run straight forward until you hit a slope and go ball mode.
    • After you make it past the loop, there will be a spring jump over it.
    • Once you are on the platform above the spring, there’s a ring box in front of a speed boost. Jump over the box onto the speed boost and move forward.
    • You will find two squares shifting; you must jump on the top one and make it to the platform above.
    • Move forward and you will make it to a big jump. Once you are there try to land onto of the pipe and fall in.
    • This will take you to a new zone, move to the left and a platform will lower.
    • Once below make a mad rush; once you reach the end make a jump and dash to the end.
    • If you do this right, you should be at 44 seconds or less.



Get to the Casino Night Zone.

Make it to the casino level. This is about midway through and should not be an issue. If you are having trouble, exploit the save system until you can make it there.


Chaos Emerald

Get one Chaos Emerald.

As you play though the game, you will find various poles with a red ball on top with a star. These act as checkpoints. If you obtain 50 rings prior to reaching one; you will see a ring of sparkles appear. Jump into the ring, and you will see a Special Stage. Simply complete this level for the Chaos Emerald. If you need help, see “Chaos Master.”


All Multiplayer

Play all four multiplayer zones.

You do not need to do it in one sitting or complete the levels. This will appear as soon as you start the fourth zone.


Online Racer

Win 10 versus zones online. This is fairly simple and requires very little. Simply find or make a friend with the game, then race them on the Special Stage. This is the fastest and quickest. Repeat till the trophy appears.



Beat the game.

If you are having problems, just keep saving/reloading until it works out. This is fairly simple, and should not give you too many issues. The last zone is Death Egg.


Super Sonic

Become Super Sonic.

Turning into Super Sonic can be quite the task.  You may or may not know, bu to turn into Super Sonic, you need all seven Chaos Emeralds. If you do not know how to obtain them, please read “Chaos Emerald” listed above. Once you have all seven, simply collect 50 rings, then jump. This will cause you to transform and become nearly unstoppable.


Extended Super

Stay as Super Sonic for one minute.

This might sound hard or even complex, but it is not. When you turn into Super Sonic, you lose rings to maintain this mode.  If you have 80 or more rings, you should achieve this trophy. If you hit the end of the level, and are worried about this trophy, do the following:

-Get to the end, but don’t touch the sign. This will cause the level to continue.

-Make a game save at this point if you are going for the “Conquering Time” trophy.

-Stand there till the trophy dings; if you are worried, you can run back and collect more. As long as you do not find an endless pit, you cannot die.


Conquering Time

Beat the game in under an hour.

This can be done in less than 40 minutes if you are really good. This will come down to just moving forward constantly.

  • Tips
    • Know the map. Some of the later levels loop untill you go the correct path.
    • DO NOT go Super Sonic. Later levels are more platform-based, and require precise actions.
    • Do not play any of the special stages. These will eat up time and offer you nothing useful.
    • Save constantly. Sometimes you will hit a part you just cannot get past; if you find one, keep trying till it works out.
    • Do not die. Dying adds quite a bit of time.


Chaos Master

Get all the Chaos Emeralds.

Just collect every Chaos Emerald. This sounds far easier than it is. I strongly suggest you have Miles with you, even though he’s basically useless. The following tips are the best I can give you. Unfortunately, these are highly skill based.

  • Tips
    • Have Miles with you, as he will pick up random rings. Sadly, he can delay your actions. Due to this, he will get hit and lose rings constantly. The only perk to using Miles is that he picks up items you will not.
    • Make a save right when the level starts. Once you reach each checkpoint, make a NEW save. Later on there will be tough spots where this might be your only hope.
    • Memorize the map! Every single time you play the game will look and act exactly the same. Sometimes your best hope is to know where you need to be.