Apr 8, 2011

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Review: Crysis 2

Review: Crysis 2

After the successful release of Crysis, Crytek is back at it with the long awaited sequel, Crysis  2. Several years after the events of Crysis, Prophet has given the suit to Alcatraz and is entrusted to fight off the Seph. With so much going on, and humans down to their last hope, can Crysis 2 deliver?

Short answer is no; Crysis 2 is a highly stealth-based game. Fans of “Run and Gun” titles will be happy to know it is possible to play through lower difficulties as you please. With that being said, the stealth system is almost too good. Using your ability to cloak gives you such an edge that you can elect to skip most of the game. The only real shortcoming you will run into is the waypoint. You see, the waypoint directs you to the next objective; however, several paths have a single entrance. This can cause you to be unsure of what’s going on without any in-game help to guide you.

If you happen to attract attention, you will notice the combat system could use some tweaks. Changing your gun settings (Scope, Fire type, Silencer) can be a drag. You are required to hold select and see what you can do. Mind you, this is in real time, so if you are attacked, it could be your end. The grenade system has similar problems as well. Since you need to push triangle twice, you can easily miss your chance. All of this would be understandable, but the game does a poor job of explaining tasks.

On the Lab Rat mission, for instance, you are told to take down a plane. A fairly simple task, but the moment you are told to do it, the plane can’t take damage. You must wait until the animation completes, and even then you are unable to skip segments of the fight. It is not till several waves later that you can actually take down the plane. This setup can be very frustrating, and on higher difficulties puts you at a huge disadvantage.

Those looking for an engaging story will also be out of luck. The game is more dictated by gameplay than plot. You will spend around 80% of the game trying to meet with people. Crysis 2 offers very few cutscenes, and the ones you do get are usually to tell you what the stage is about. The game vaguely explains why the Seph are there and what’s going on, but it’s very flimsy at best. However, if you just roll with it, Crysis 2 is a nice action ride.

Moving past the solo campaign, multiplayer is quite refreshing. By bringing the campaign elements online, you have new levels of depth and skill. Don’t get too excited, however, as higher-level gamers have an advantage. These advantages include more choices, higher-level skills and the ability to bring in elements you never saw before. This would not be so bad if there was better matchmaking and you weren’t always matched up against higher-level players. Thankfully, the leveling system is helpful. Upon hitting level five, you can make your own class. For the most part, this will allow you the best build of currently available choices. This system is no substitute to being a higher-leveled player, but it will give you a fighting chance against those that are.

Fans of camping or sniping will love Crysis 2. By hiding in a dark area while cloaked, it can become almost impossible to see you. This can end in several random and depressing deaths. If that is not bad enough, upon dying, you will see exactly how you died. Sadly, the strong support for campers and large level design can result in not seeing any other players. I went a few games seeing only one to five enemies total.

In the end, Crysis 2 is great for stealth fans, but does not offer much challenge. The game is a huge void of unobservant enemies and misguided tasks. Online would be a great change of pace if the level system did not put you at a disadvantage. Overall, Crysis 2 tries to be everything, but in the process does not get anything right.

Crysis 2
Platform: PC, PS3 (Reviewed), Xbox360
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release Date: 03/22/11
Developer: Crytek
Publisher: Electronic Arts
ESRB Rating: M17+
MSRP: $59.99