Apr 8, 2011

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Easter Eg, an Addictive Egg-Chasing Game Set for Easter Release

Easter Eg, an Addictive Egg-Chasing Game Set for Easter Release

There are some titles released that are obscure enough to be classics. One such title that very few might recall is Croco Magneto, a Amstrad CPC. This game was a public domain creation released after the machine had reached its prime. But it didn’t change the fact that the title was amazing.

Indie developer, Spaghetti Studios, is reviving the spirit of Croco Magneto with the release of a special Easter title. Its simple control system is the same as the Amstrad CPC title. Eg, the bunny, moves back and forth on his own as players move him up and down. You have to be quick to move him otherwise he’ll wind up crashing into any of the many dangerous flowers littered across the maze.

Easter Eg will also be more polished and boost extras. Including a bunny, eggs, and poisonous flower-toting evil moles. It looks to be a promising Easter title. As such, the title is going to only be available for a limited time. Once Easter passes, you won’t be able to get this addictive game.

For those wanting to get their hands on this, it will be made available on April 10th. It will be a worldwide release priced at 99 cents for the US and 59p for the UK. Make sure to grab it before it hops out of the Appstore the Tuesday after Easter.

[Source: Spaghetti Studios]