Apr 6, 2011

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Tips & Trophy Guide: Moon Diver

Tips & Trophy Guide: Moon Diver

Moon diver can be stressful at times, but you’re in luck! The following tips/guides will give you more than enough tools to make the game a far more enjoyable experience.  The first section of this guide (page one) includes some general tips, as well as helpful hints for defeating the various bosses in the game.  The second portion is a trophy guide, to help you snag those coveted awards.



What are the best skills?

Thankfully, the game gives you various skills which help in a variety of situations. However, bigger is not always better! Every skill has a set ratio (based on the tier), and if you are playing solo (or with just one other player), you might be better off using lower tiers.  This way you can use less MP and won’t have to worry about wasting time or MP. You can use any skill with “up to” in the title; just make sure the caster releases the circle button while the spell charges.

To use 2P through 4P skills, you just hold down circle and tell your partner(s) to do the same. This will give you a special cutscene. If you’re still unsure, the following skills were my main set. Please note that each skill has a different ending name, so I’m including them as series. If you’re still unsure, check the enemy tips for helpful advice.

  • Falk series (huge recommendation on Euphoria)
  • Ceno series
  • Nive series
  • Kutoh series

If you’re with friends:

  • Rag series

Remember, skills are not shared when you pick them up, and only work on the character you found them with.

How to deal with enemies

Knowing your enemy and how to tackle them is important. Knowing how to defeat them might not be obvious at the start, but if you keep the following in mind it will be far easier.

Red enemy

There are two methods to handling these fellas. When you have limited numbers of them, wait for their aerial spin move. Upon completing it, they can be killed. Later on you will face several of them in bulk, but don’t worry there’s a simple method for killing them all. Look into the Niltor series, this will stun them all and let you freely slay them.

Yellow enemy

These guys can be very tricky. Based off your attack, they might blow up upon death. To avoid this, there are three easy methods to save exp/your life. The first is to charge an attack, then kill them, which will knock them off the map. The second is to raise your attack power to a certain point, or to buff yourself with a Frezos skill. The final method is to clear the map with a Falk skill; these can be very useful in tight situations.


These are the worst enemies, but thankfully there are several methods to deal with them. Remember, you can always slide under them and take no damage if you don’t touch the laser. The following list will tell you what to use, and how to use it.

  • Kutoh’s Taste – Dependence: Unlike the lasers, you can fire though all walls. Since you will often find them in areas you can camp, this is a safe but costly method. Just find places they can’t hit you, and spam the skill till their all dead or it’s safe to run/kill the others manually.
  • Niltor series: This will deactivate them for a little bit, and you can kill them or walk by them.
  • Motat series: While in stealth, they won’t fire.
  • Rag series: If you have a partner or three, just use this and walk by them.
  • Falk Euphoria: I highly suggest you use this skill and method. Whenever you see them, just use this. If your attack is high enough, it will instantly kill all turrets on screen. It’s the quickest and most effective method to deal with this enemy type.

Boss Tips

Moon Diver features several easily defeated bosses. The following guide will help you in the event you can’t beat one of them.

Animal Boss

A very easy boss; simply rush him and use a Nive skill. This will constantly damage him, and allow you to quickly take him down. Depending on your difficulty setting, he might rush you. Be prepared: he likes to randomly run the other way, too. Just keep using the Nive skill and you’ll be fine.


He can be very annoying, and is easier to defeat with several friends. When he’s doing his sword slashes, you can damage him; however, this will not work later on in the fight. On later stages, wait for him to use the lock-on skill; this will leave him open. You can use a Frezos skill, but openings are limited and can take a while to appear. Just keep your distance, and you’ll be fine.


Use Frezos if you can, and play alone. This is the only boss that’s harder with a friend. As you damage him, he will fire and this can instantly kill you early on. When he charges, stay away from the red marks, and wait for the pillar to fall. Once it falls, jump on top of it, then wait for an opening. This can be a very hit/miss fight, so keep at it.


This fight you want to go fast, so I strongly suggest you double jump then go to town. Once he gets critical, start spamming Kutoh-based skills. This will take some luck, but thankfully his ball move always goes the same places. If your partner happens to have Ragna/Ragronam, you can just stand next to him without a problem.


By far the easiest boss; however, it takes some skill. In the second fight with him, you don’t have the same amount of items you had the first time. Since the second fight is harder, I’m going to tell you the best method for that fight only. When you can, double jump and go to town on him. This will cause the lasers to try and catch up.  Once you get toward his hooves, dash out (R2) so you can avoid getting kicked. Keep this method up for as long as you can; it takes some trial and error, but works very well.

If the above method isn’t your style, you can try using a Motat skill. While cloaked, the boss will simply fire randomly. If you go this path, keep in mind breaking the balls on his legs will spawn enemies. When you spawn enemies, you can chain for extra HP/MP.

End Boss (Faust)

Due to the amount of effort to get here, I strongly suggest you plug in extra controllers if you’re solo. This fight is actually very simple, but very long. When you see him, he will do this orb skill. Your goal is to break all the orbs; if you do, he will take critical damage. If you don’t, he will target you or the closest thing to him. This will take some quick work, but thankfully he spawns enemies. When he spawns enemies, kill them asap for extra energy/life. Once he’s done with that he will go back to the orb skill. Down the road he will use a huge orb: RUN AWAY!!! Once he uses this he will spin it around him and then throw it at the ground. This can damage you greatly. In the event someone dies, you can come back without being freed (full hp/mp, too), even if your friend also dies. As long as someone has “wait” and a time lower than the other(s), they can come back before the game ends. Keep this in mind if you’re in a hard place.

Another helpful tip is that when he is missing his shield, magic damage does a broken amount to him. This is a huge double-edged sword, as you won’t be able to heal anymore.

Continue for the trophy guide…