Apr 5, 2011

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Skullgirls Tag-Teams with GGPO to K.O. Online Lag

Skullgirls Tag-Teams with GGPO to K.O. Online Lag

Autumn Games and Revenge Labs plan to incorporate GroundStorm Studios’ Good Game, Peace Out (GGPO) proprietary networking technology in order to stomp out slow connections into Skullgirls. This title will be the first console fighting to use the technology designed to enable fast-action online games. It allows for a smooth, delay-free gaming experience. GGPO creator and founder of GroundStorm Studios, Tony Cannon has this to say:

“GGPO’s latency-hiding techniques are specifically designed for the kind of fast-action gameplayfound in Skullgirls. They eliminate input ‘lag’ to ensure that the moves, combos and reversals you learn will work identically online and off, even over slower network connections.”

GroundStrom’s GGPO is designed to mirror local co-op, making the plague known as internet lag a thing of the past. Their technology will make playing with other players across the world seem like you’re playing in the same room as them. Jason Donnell, president and COO of Autumn Games, explains how Skullgirls will be able to deliver the perfect experience for new and old fighting game fans.

Skullgirls is really a love letter to fighting game fans new and old, and we are aiming to deliver the best experience possible,” said Jason Donnell, president and COO, Autumn Games. “GGPO is helping us accomplish our goal by enhancing Skullgirls’ fully-featured online mode. At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering a polished, high-quality game, and the integration of GroundStorm’s technology ensures that Skullgirls fans will enjoy the same high-quality action with friends, whether they are a few feet from each other or thousands of miles apart.”

For the uninformed,  Skullgirls is a 2D fighting that allows players to control femme fatales in fierce battles. It is slated for a 2011 release and is the first game to use advanced technology never used in its genre on the high-definition consoles.

[Source: Autumn Games]