Mar 29, 2011

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Crysis 2: Super Solider Tips

Crysis 2: Super Solider Tips

If you’re looking for a challenge, then Super Solider is your ticket. Being one of the harder hard modes I’ve played, Super Solider can become incredibly difficult at times. To help gamers master this mode, I’ve come up with many tips that worked for me. Please note: All tips are written as if Super Solider is your first playthrough. Doing so is more than doable, and playing on Super Soldier is only slightly easier on a second run.

General Tips:


Ranged Weapons

I ran through the whole game more or less with two guns. Those two were the sniper and the scar with ACOG scope. I strongly suggest you always have distance weapons on hand! The ACOG scope is only available on certain guns, when you go to pick one up, they will have a sniper-looking scope icon. If you can’t use this at close range, hold select and change it for something close range.

Stick to the Shadows

Most of the game can be skipped with good cloaking (R2) work. As long as you know where you’re going, it’s easy. However, make sure you master shifting skills (going from stealth [R2] to armored [L2]).

Be Aware of Where the Waypoint is Telling You to Go

Often times the waypoint directs you to the exact point, but does not guide you to that spot. Be mindful of where you need to go, as it’s not always obvious. I died several times from being unable to find a path to the objective.


Rough Spots:

Mission “Lab Rat”

When you start, you will be directed to Stealth kill (R2 then R3 when prompted) a sniper. Once he dies, pick up the sniper rifle and go back to cloak. Look for two enemies talking on the roof, and pick them off with the sniper (L3), then armor up (R2). Once the heat dies down, head to that building and the game will checkpoint. Go stealth and head to the top right; BE CAREFUL. Enemies appear on the stairs quite often, and are quick to attack! Once you’re on the top floor, find the semi-opened door. Open the door and the game will check point.

In this room you will find three enemies; cloak and kill the guy to the far left. This will tip off the other enemy, so just finish him off. The final guy will look for you next, so take him out and go up the elevator. You will be told to destroy some record; once you do this the game will check point.

Find a good hiding spot, as a plane will take out everything in that room. Once it makes a full sweep, kill the gunner facing you. This will cause an enemy wave to attack: two by the elevator and one on the roof.  Once they die the plane will appear again; kill the other gunner. More enemies will spawn; kill them and hide behind the wall in the middle. The plane will attack you all out, so just randomly pop up and let them have it. If you do it right, the plane won’t be able to hurt you.


Pinger Fight 1:

The Pinger is a giant walking mech and serves as the game’s boss. All you need to do is go stealth and move to the top left. If you go by the bus, you will find a hole in the wall. You can only hurt the Pinger by shooting its back. Peak out every now and then. When you see an opening, fire the JAW (Right Dpad) at its back. Around five will destroy him; you will know the Pinger’s critical when you see red smoke.


Pinger Fight 2:

Go to the area where you entered. He will often stay by this area, so you just need to wait him out. Every now and then enemies will attack, but you can set up C4 (Right Dpad) and blow them up. This is mostly a waiting game, but if you play it safe, it’s easy.


Pinger Fight 3:

Congrats. This is the hardest challenge in the game, so I hope you’re up to it. After fending off waves of enemies, the Pinger will appear. Nothing about this level is easy. To take out this Pinger, learn where JAW ammo appears. (By the truck where your comrades were fighting, on the roof of the building in the middle and to the left of that building.) This fight is hard, due to a lack of cover. I found a lot of success hiding behind trucks. Sneak around till you see an opening, and let loose. Be careful with this one though; enemies will be around and will attack. When you think you’re about to die, go to the subway entrance and hide. The subway on this level actually works, and connects the two openings in the ground. It’s impossible for the Pinger to kill you down there. Play it safe, and with luck it will die.


If you’ve not already picked up Crysis 2, check back later for my full review.