Mar 25, 2011

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Highlighting Feature In Human Revolution Could Be Optional

Highlighting Feature In Human Revolution Could Be Optional

There are some developers that are receptive of criticism from gamers, and they might change features before a game ships if enough people want something changed. The newest Deus Ex game has a highlighting feature that many are against, and if the actions on the Eidos official forums are any indication, it may be toggle-able option.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is being created by Eidos, but it has a problem that some claim takes away the exploration aspect. In the previous games, if your mouse hovered over an interactive item, it’d have a bracket around it. For this game, they’ve taken it a step further, highlighting all the possible interactive items in the area without having to mouse over each piece. Granted, it doesn’t show you what the necessary objective item is, but some are claiming it’s far too intrusive and ruins immersion despite the fact that it is part of the main character’s augments.

Eidos is listening to their forums goers, as user Graeme mapped out why that feature is bugging him so much. Instead of just telling him that it was wrong or banning him from the forums, they’ve “stickied” his thread for all to see. Moderators are actually asking for people to post criticism, so long as it doesn’t devolve into trolling. But their kindness doesn’t end there.

There is now a poll asking if people want that highlighting in the game or not. “Modify highlighting; have ON/OFF toggle in options menu” is currently winning, and it ‘s something that I hope personally wins. Why would you vote for “Remove all”?

It’s the little things like this that count in the end. The bridge between developer and gamer hasn’t burnt into the river for everyone.


Update: His thread isn’t stickied. I thought the paper thing was such. Thanks to the comment section for pointing out my error.

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