Mar 16, 2011

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Mega Man Universe Is Still Alive

Mega Man Universe Is Still Alive

Back in 2010, Capcom was set to do something ambitious with the Mega Man franchise by not only including other characters from the company, but by also creating a Little Big Planet style game. It’s 2011, and there hasn’t been a single drop of news in a long while. What happened?

Mega Man Universe is a PSN- and XBLA-bound title set to revitalize the series. Based on the one of the most popular  games of the franchise, Mega Man 2, Capcom wants to slam new and old features together. The additions range from new characters like Bad Box Art Mega Man (plus some characters rumored from outside Capcom, so get ready for some cameos), a level creator with far more depth than the PSP game Powered Up had, 2.5D graphics, and customizable characters. Sounds great, right?

But Capcom has been very silent lately concerning this game. Either because of Inafune’s departure or the new focus on Mega Man Legends 3, Mega Man Universe is more than likely sitting on the back burner. Fortunately, it’s still alive. Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson posted on the Capcom official forums with a comment that will set some minds to ease:

“Unfortunately, I have no new news to share on the project. It’s not dead though… and it’s changed a lot,” he said.

No new news, huh? If it changed at all, it’s news to the fans. The wait is as painful as dying right before Air Man and having to replay that level all over again. Until then, watch the video to see what was, and what will hopefully be far improved upon.

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[Source: Capcom]