Mar 4, 2011

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Top 5 News Stories of the Week: February 28th, 2011

Top 5 News Stories of the Week: February 28th, 2011

Welcome everyone to Vivid Gamer’s first “Top 5 Stories of the Week” post. Here we will be breaking down what we think are the top stories of the past week, mostly as posted here on Vivid Gamer, but  also possibly other sites. This gives an opportunity to you, the reader, to catch up on any important news or contests that you may otherwise have missed out on during the week. To start things off at number 5, we chose Elizabeth’s story about the NGP’s new card format.

5. NGP Games to Come on 2GB & 4GB Cards, Complete with Room for Save Data

-Elizabeth Burnette

The NGP has a lot going for it, and one thing that might become the new big thing is the ability to keep your save data and patches for your games directly on the game card itself. Sony is claiming that with their new card format it will be able to do these things. If this is true, that means that space normally used in the internal memory or removable memory will be open to use at your discretion. Sounds like a good idea if I want to fit a few more songs or movies on my NGP. Check out the full story and details here.

4. Catherine Arrives Summer 2011

-Rebecca Quintana

Atlus’ new puzzle horror game, Catherine has brought a lot of controversy. Whether it has too much sexy time or is just too hard to play, the game can’t quite drop the attention. With that attention comes demand. Although previously denying a US localization, Atlus has now confirmed that we can expect the game in the summer of 2011. Check out Catherine’s US trailer and release date story.

3. Battlefield 3 Gameplay Footage Episode I: Bad Part of Town

-Gabe Highland

Battlefield 3, one of the most anticipated first-person shooters coming out this year, has released the first in what appears to be an episodic trailer. BF3, compared to previous Battlefield games, feels gritty and real thanks to the new Frostbite 2 engine. The trailer leaves much to be desired, but at least gives us a tease of the gameplay, and how it might look come release day. Stay tuned to Vivid Gamer for Episode 2 of the trailer, which launches March 16th, but for now here is the link to Episode 1.

2. GDC 2011: Nintendo’s Keynote Recap

-Alex Sanderson

On Monday, the annual Game Developer’s Conference started, and to kick things off, Nintendo held its keynote speech. Nintendo talked business as usual and also gave us a glimpse into the future with some of the things they had planned down the road. They announced their Netflix partnership, confirming the video streaming service on the 3DS. They also give us a hint at a brand new Super Mario 3D game, branding an image of a logo with a raccoon tail. Here is the link to the rest of the recap.

1. Contest: Win a Copy of Pixeljunk Shooter 2

-Eric Galaviz

Our number one story of the week is not really a news story, but a contest! That’s right, if you didn’t catch it before, now is your chance to enter and win a copy of Pixeljunk Shooter 2 for the PSN. Fellow writer Eric Galaviz and I had a chance to attend a Sony event and were lucky enough to get a code to give away to one of our readers. Check out the contest for full details on how to win. The deadline for the contest is March 8th.

That concludes this week’s Top 5 list. Please check our site often for the latest in news, reviews and previews of the hottest games. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.  Don’t forget to drop by next Friday, to see next week’s top five stories.